2009 Alatus


2006 Syrah

Amount Remaining: 119

Alatus - “with wings”  Named after our grandpa Tom “Doc” Campbell’s sailboat in Port Ludlow.   This blend was created with our tastes and preferences in mind, and a great example of what Kontos Cellars is all about.

2009 Cab Sauv


2006 Syrah

Amount Remaining: 31

100% straight up, unadulterated classic Cabernet from Walla Walla.

2009 Merlot


2006 Syrah

Amount Remaining: 229

We might have a problem with this temptress. She knows she is a stunner and not the slightest bit afraid to flaunt it.

2011 Syrah


Alatus 2006

Amount Remaining: 42

A fruit forward Walla Walla Syrah that is rooted in earth but cleans up nicely, making this an exceptional wine for any occasion.

2013 Gossamer White


2007 Gossamer

Sold Out!

Lightly buttered Chard brought to life with the playful citrus of Viognier.

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