Walla Walla As We Know It

Walla Walla is many different things to many different people and has undergone some drastic changes over the last 10 years.  A college town rich with art, wine and culture, always eager for more.  And a town that is proud of our history, deeply rooted in agriculture and sense of community, trying to hold onto what sets us apart.

No one in the valley is more aware of these separate trends than us.  No one is more proud of the way our valley has worked together to grow and yet remain the same.

As 6th generation residents in Walla Walla, we have been part of it all.  The first bank in the North West Territories, the first railroad in the area, 3rd generation wheat farmers, and now 2nd generation winemakers.

Welcome to our Walla Walla!

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As of February '17, we are happy to announce the opening of PICK'S CLUB!  This is a winemakers selection of our current releases.  While the Progeny and Alatus Clubs are maxed out, we review the membership list periodically, and we...
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Due to the ridiculously small production and amazing fan fare of the Progeny Series and Baker Blends, we don't have any availability in our Progeny Club at this time.  We recommend joining the Pick's Club to hold your spot in...
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The Boss

Ensure you never miss a vintage!  Add The BOSS club to your existing Progeny or Pick's club and you will receive up to two magnums of this amazing wine each winter in the beautiful collectors box. Fast track to the...
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