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From the wheat fields of Eastern Washington, inspiration for the dragonfly was handed to us by our own beautiful Walla Walla Valley. The dragonfly is a meaningful symbol to our families. Representing change, our dragonfly has launched us into a life of crafting wonderful experiences and memories.

From the moment we began contemplating the dragonfly as our winery’s predominant image, we were inundated with dragonflies. They would find us in the barrel room while topping off wine. They would find us in the middle of wheat harvest, 10 miles away from any reliable water source. They seemed to come out of nowhere, wherever it was that we were and would inevitably find their way onto our label.

Cameron Kontos – Winemaker

Growing up in a winemakers household within the Walla Walla Valley, Cameron had a great deal of exposure into the world of wine and winemaking.  Our father, Cliff Kontos of Fort Walla Walla Cellars, is a remarkable mentor and is always excited to share his knowledge of life and of wine.  Cliff is easily the most important influence on Cameron’s life; as a winemaker, husband, father, and a man.  It didn’t take long before he realized that this was his calling and his lifelong connection to his father.

In 2002 he joined Forgeron Cellars, and quickly became a part of their family. After a short time, Cameron was promoted to assistant winemaker.  During his eight years there, Marie-Eve Gilla helped further his knowledge of crafting wines in a traditional French style.  He and Marie still compare notes and enjoy a treasured friendship to this day.

Cameron’s own style of winemaking has evolved and matured with time.  The blending of the Alatus is of primary importance.  He then focuses on blending wines within the same varietial but from various vineyards throughout the Walla Walla Valley.  A very extensive oak program gives him the finishing finesse that make Kontos Cellars wines stand proud.

Cameron and his wife Becca have three daughters, Brynnan, Becket and Brielle.

Walla Walla As We Know It

Walla Walla is many different things to many different people and has undergone some drastic changes over the last 10 years.  A college town rich with art, wine and culture, always eager for more.  And a town that is proud of our history, deeply rooted in agriculture and sense of community, trying to hold onto what sets us apart.

No one in the valley is more aware of these separate trends than us.  No one is more proud of the way our valley has worked together to grow and yet remain the same.

As 6th generation residents in Walla Walla, we have been part of it all.  The first bank in the North West Territories, the first railroad in the area, 3rd generation wheat farmers, and now 2nd generation winemakers.

Welcome to our Walla Walla!


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A glimpse into our story

Chris Kontos – Partner

Chris has spent a lifetime working the wheat fields of Eastern Washington and Oregon, working side by side with his father, Cliff.  Farming dry land wheat means you must wear many hats; mechanic, welder/fabricator, book...

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Has Walla Walla Changed?

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Kelli Kontos – Partner

Kelli also grew up as part of a long-time Walla Walla family, dating back to the mid 1800's.  Her grandfather owned a nightclub in downtown Walla Walla back in the 40's, called Pick's Club, which...

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The Alatus

Alatus means "with wings" in Latin and is named after our grandpa Tom "Doc" Campbell's sailboat based in Port Ludlow.  Our family made great memories sailing the San Juan Islands doing what you do on...

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Our father, Cliff Kontos is affectionately know as "The Boss" by those who have known him over the years.  He has consistently been the inspiration and benchmark in our life.  Cliff introduced us to the world of wine when he co-founded Fort Walla Walla Cellars in 1998 where Cameron quickly fell in love with the creative art that is winemaking. "The Boss" is a fusion of passion, style, and creativity between Cliff and Cameron, as they set out to make a premier Bordeaux wine, together.  It is currently resting on some beautiful tight grain French oak, where it will remain for...
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