2011 Syrah


Alatus 2006

Amount Remaining: 41

A fruit forward Walla Walla Syrah that is rooted in earth but cleans up nicely, making this an exceptional wine for any occasion.  *100% Salmon Safe

2013 Gossamer White


2007 Gossamer

Amount Remaining: 77

Lightly buttered Chard brought to life with the playfulness of Roussanne, Marsanne, and Pinot Gris

2010 Merlot


2006 Syrah

Amount Remaining: 95

We might have a problem with this temptress. She knows she is a stunner and not the slightest bit afraid to flaunt it.

2010 Cab Sauv


2006 Syrah

Amount Remaining: 174

Amazing Cab from Walla Walla.  A repeat Gold medal winner from the Dallas Wine Awards type of  Cabernet from Walla Walla.

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